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Coaching is type of Soul training. With your willingness, we will expand into places that may feel uncomfortable to explore. Together, we will push into part of your consciousness to build self-awareness in effort to help you discover more productive ways of Being with Yourself. I am here to help you be brave AND provide the safety you need to make courageous transformative steps towards your goals. The tools and our practice together are not designed to support self-harm or emotional/mental injury. Coaching is about you creating a commitment to yourself and is about YOUR unique life experience. This space is non performative for or about others - It is about your authentic, internal equity practice - the space you give yourself to play in the playground of your mind, heart and spirit. 


The clearing process is used when you have created a disconnection with another person or group. We all collect and express a volume of images, sentences, actions and beliefs that create our perspective of what is true for our experience. Clearing provides a safe and brave, facilitated space for our perspectives to be expressed and heard. It is important to discern use of this model to make your truth more right than others vs. the using the opportunity to get clarity, clear confusion, feelings and release yourself from the mental-emotional burden harms carry. These 2-3 hour sessions require full willingness on all parties to commit to the time and space needed for this process. 




Our partnerships can be powerful rituals and demonstrations of Love and Unity. I offer ceremony officiating, couples coaching and designing the flow of ceremony that most reflects your Love Expression. We will work not only on the design for the ceremony/ritual itself but we will work on the design of the partnership itself, exploring the ways the relationship both complements and challenges to each individual. 

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